Founded in 1970, our company specializes in the production of metal, chrome-plated and plastic-coated items. From the beginning, production was differentiated into 3 main areas, household items, bicycle accessories and refrigeration components.

We are located in Cassola, in the province of Vicenza, on an area of 25,000 square meters of which 15,000 are covered, where we produce most of our items.

Over time we have also shifted the production of some products to outside companies, which cooperate with us under our license and quality control, producing their own exclusive and patented models.

This policy, combined with production experience of more than 50 years, has enabled us to maintain a high level of quality, which has always been our main goal, while at the same time offering very competitively priced products, great flexibility, and quick and timely fulfillment of orders.

The household sector has had a special development, and we are currently offering a wide range of products such as carts, kitchen items, bathroom accessories, and waste sorting items.

The continuous search for new designs has determined the success of our products, which are also very popular and well-known in international markets, in each of which we are present with a local distributor.